external image 27222.jpgexternal image New-York-Giants--Super-Bowl-XLII-Champions-Poster-C13258316.jpegThis picture is about the New York Giants winning the Super Bowl. David Tyree caught the miracle catch. What happened was Eli Manning was dropping back to pass. The New York Giants' opponent, the New England Patriots, brought the blitz, (the blitz is where the defense runs in on the offense, after the offense hikes the ball.) the play was for all of the Giants recivers to go long. David Tyree was going long until, he saw Eli Manning being wrapped up by the New England defense. David Tyree started to run back to the line of scrimmage. When Eli Manning broke free from the grasp of the Patriots defense Tyree was wide open. When Eli fired Patriots Safty Rodney Harrison Started to close in on Tyree, but the ball got there before Rodney Harrison did. Tyree pinned the ball to his helmet and came down with the ball. Next play, Patriots are blitzing, Plaxico Burress Blows by his defender wide open, Touchdown Giants ! The Giants are a number of seconds away from winning Super Bowl XLII.