Baseball is a fun sport! If you like running,swinging a bat,and throwing a ball, it is the sport for you!!!!! There probably are signups every year! You can request a certain team. This year I am on the Braves. So far we have lost 1 and won 5. We are AWESOME! But when we lost we lost bad. 14 to 1. And a kid caught my second double in my life! I was SO ticked off! I was about to blow! But I got over it. And now I always make it to at least 1st. My goal is second though. Nobody has hit a home run before.

Albert Einstein was a famous mathematician. When he was a boy, he was an odd man out. But when was an adult, boy was he smart. Yet, he counted on his fingers. He had a little sister that drove him CRAZY! One time, he had a temper tantrum that sent the baby sitter out of the house forever. And now, he will be known forever and always. He also knew about square roots like it was his brother. He LOVED math and that was that. My math teacher (Mrs. White) thinks he was really cool! I would like to learn some of the math he did. It would have been cool to be Albert Einstein. When he was a baby he had a fat head and he was chubby. But now Albert Einstein does not mean fat baby or big head. It means smart, smart man.